Augmented Empathy

We all live in our own consciousness bubbles. Call them worlds. They may be shared or multiplited. In order to get a glimpse of another individuals point of view one needs to enter that person’s world. The Theriomorphous-Cyborg of artist Simone Ferracina tries to help that process.

Simone asks us to enter the world of another animal through a projected 3D Virtual Reality interface. Within the alternate animal world, the human is able to experience sight, sound, touch and smell through the senses of other animals.

For example, sight is augmented with electro-magnetic sensory perception to simulate bird’s eye viewing; real-time imagery is overlaid with pre-recorded footage to simulate the distorted vision and time-perception from the vantage point of a snail. Each of the perspectives proposes virtual reality environments that sends the viewer further and further from his/her subjective reality.

“Then we shall also see all our fellow men in their individual soap bubbles, which intersect each other smoothly, because they are built up of subjective perceptual signs. There is no space independent of subjects.” – Simone Ferracina


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