Language Memory

It is often thought that memory is the key to advanced language and that most non-human species do not have it. It is in this way we speak about the goldfish. But just as the goldfish, most animals have much better memory than humans and thus a better capacity for advanced language. One telling example […]

Fish Sign Language

Two types of fish—grouper and coral trout—can use sign language to communicate about their experiences. A study published in Nature Communications discovered that the fish are able to “point” at the phenomena they have in mind. After studying gesturing grouper in the wild, researchers found that when the prey fish escaped the hunting alliance, a […]

The Voices of Fish

Fish communicate with sound, movement and electric waves. Their semantic sensory perception is extraordinary and complex. It takes some good amount of imagination to understand it. The lateral line is the main sensory organ of fish. This organ not only captures sounds, it can also sense tremors and currents. This line system, which detects gentle […]